Thursday, June 10, 2010

Current Reading

A few weeks ago I was in our community room and a book in the cabinet caught my attention. It was "The Diary of St. Faustina", a book I was familiar with but that everyone seemed to have read and I tend to shy away from anything overly popular. But I picked up the book and sat down and started to read. Now I'm in the middle of it, and I love it! ! ! ! St. Faustina was who Jesus revealed the image of Divine Mercy to in the early 20th century. The words that Jesus speaks to her, and the way He does it, remind me very much of what is revealed to Anne, a lay apostle. Her website is here: I came across Jesus' revelations to Anne a year and a half ago at the March for Life in Washington D.C. when I was handed a little booklet called "Heaven Speaks to Young Adults" and at first it looked ridiculous, but once I started to read it, I fell in love.

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