Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Made a Decision!

Back home at the convent, and so happy!

So I seem to have come to a decision on everything. I'm staying here at the motherhouse, keeping the nurse's aid job that I have, and going on the insurance here, finding doctors here, and all that jazz. I'm really happy. I think I wanted to keep my daycare job in CT because I love it, but it's comfortable, and I was nervous about starting the nursing job. But I started, and it's hard, and it will take time to get all the skills to become second nature, but such is life. It's going to be great. My directress and I sat down on Sunday night when I got home and put the numbers together, and it's looking like if I save all the money I make, and work at least four days a week, I can pay off my debt in 20 months!!!!!! This is incredible! I've never sat down and worked it all out like this, but it seems so much more manageable now than it did before. It's such a relief.

My daily schedule is all over the place now that I've started working, but some things stay the same across the board...and one of those things is learning Spanish! We use Rosetta Stone to learn the languages of the community, one of which is Spanish, and in the postulance, that's the language we learn! So off I go to practice! What keeps me going is knowing that someday I can speak to my sisters who don't speak English!

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